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In our quick-paced lives we all have faced situations when the deadline is very tight and the translation is needed as soon as possible. You may have a translator that you work with from time to time, but the timing he/she offers does not meet your requirements at all. What should you do?

Etalon translation agency offers the service of urgent high-quality translation of documents without extra charges.

1. Translation of personal documents can be completed by our professionals within terms starting with 30 minutes.

2. If the translation is of significant volume (for example, a contract), facilitation of the process would require distribution of the work among several translators. When completed the translation will be further checked by a professional proofreader.

What you need to know:

1. We complete urgent orders without extra charges* and losses in quality.

2. If you want to collect your order on the following day after placing it you should turn to Etalon translation agency before 11.00 in order to receive your order in time.

3. If the translation contains special terms and you have any preferences or desired translation versions of such terms, please let us know.

4. If the document contains any personal names (surnames, names of organizations, etc.) and their translations have already been used in another document, for example, a foreign passport, provide us with a copy of this document.

5. The process can be sped up if you simply email the documents to us instead of wasting time and money on traveling through the city.

*no extra sums are charged if the order has been accepted before 11.00. Completed orders can be collected from 17.30 to 18.00. If your order needs to be completed within 1-2 hours, its standard price is doubled.

As soon as the order has been placed, our translators start working on it immediately. On its completion our managers will contact you. You should not worry because we never fail out customers!

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You can place an order or receive details on any question at our office (address: vul.Sumska 37-B, 2nd floor, Office 25, Kharkiv), by filling the contact form, or simply by calling us!

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