About us

1.  QUALIFIED STAFF  Etalon translation agency team is comprised of only highly experienced and qualified linguists. We will recognize your needs and find the right person specializing in your area to carry out your job

2.  DOUBLE QUALITY CONTROL  Every translated document gets double quality control with our proofreading service. Our professional proofreaders are experts in detecting and correcting any errors which include content, spelling and grammar.

3.  FLEXIBLE PRICES . We have flexible pricing policy and offer a system of discounts for our regular clients. If you want to get your professional translation project done on time and on budget. Etalon translation agency is what you need! Moreover, you can chose any payment option convenient and possible for you and our delivery service will be fast and safe to take your documents to every corner on our planet in case of need.

4. VARIETY OF LANGUAGES  We provide translation services in more than 50 languages. If you want to get complete professional translation and be sure to save your data correct and true, don’t hesitate to choose our agency, we will definitely help you with that.

5.  CENTER LOCATION  Searching for our office won’t take you much time since we are located just in the heart of our city next to the Universytet metro station, which is one more our advantage.

6.  PRIVACY POLICY  Our translators and managers treat all material entering the office as confidential. All the commercial information we get to know while working with your document will be stored secured in our company. And the most important is that we are fully responsible for safe and secure maintaining of personal data.

7.  OTHER SERVICES  Our professional proofreaders will screen any translation made by the client or other specialists. We also make up brochures, catalogues and presentations.

8. ALL THE TYPES OF LEGALIZATION Etalon translation agency provides notarized translations and will be happy to guide you through the process of certifying your documents: apostille, nostrification of diplomas are the issues we deal with every day for you to fbe able to work, study and travel abroad.