How to order a criminal record in Kharkov

A criminal record is one of the most common requests in our bureau. Yes, this is not surprising. In almost any country, including Ukraine, the procedure for applying for a job implies the provision of such a certificate.

A residence permit is also not complete without confirmation of your "cleanliness". Of course, every citizen of Ukraine can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and get such a certificate for free.

Cost and terms of registration of a criminal record certificate

In a month. At the same time, a personal appearance in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is mandatory, of course, no one has canceled the queue. Inquiries for inquiries for tomorrow or "as soon as possible" are not considered there.

But what if your plane leaves tomorrow? If the date of submission of documents for a visa is not subject to change? Or you are already abroad, and physically you cannot order a criminal record certificate on your own? Contact us and we will solve all these issues for you.

No red tape with documents, one call - and tomorrow the certificate will be in your hands. We appreciate your plans, enter our name there, and they will not have to be changed!)