Need to legalize documents, or what is an apostille

Anyone who is going to go abroad for study, work or maybe even all the time, necessarily has a question of legalization of documents. The government bodies that accept the documents for consideration have different requirements for their design, and the correct outcome of the event very often depends on the correctness of the preparation, and in many cases, your future.

What documents are to be apostilled?

We, like no one else, understand how important this is, and we are ready to accept documents of any complexity for legalization and to do it at any time, even "yesterday". But before you choose the type of legalization you need to understand, it will depend on the country you plan to travel to.

A number of states require the apostille to be legally recognized. These states include almost all European countries that signed the Hague Convention in 1961. A special apostille stamp was installed, which is placed on official documents created in one state and subject to transfer to another. Documents certified by the Apostille in one of the States Parties to the Convention shall be accepted in the other State Party without any restrictions.

There are several ministries in Ukraine empowered to put apostille on official documents. The choice of the Ministry depends on the document to be apostilled. The most common are birth certificates, marriage, divorce, court decisions, educational documents and various certificates (about criminal record, place of residence, income, income from the pension fund, including).

Apostille on passports and work books is also often required. The apostillation procedure is simple, but documents must be properly documented. Our specialists know and understand all these subtleties and nuances and will help you do everything right. No tedious hikes or even trips to the Ministries in Kiev, no queues and lots of incomprehensible papers to fill, we appreciate your time and peace. All you have to do is come to our office, bring the originals of the documents and wait for the call to be ready for the documents.

You can easily order our urgent apostille for documents