What is a notarized translation?

According to the law, notarized translation in Ukraine is carried out by a notary public based on documents confirming the qualification of a translator.

There are two types of translation certification:

  • certification of translation of the document. Translation is stitched to the original
  • authentication of a copy of the original and translation of the document at the same time. In this case, the translation is filed with a copy of the document, which takes legal force of the original. In the upper right corner is stamped "Copy is true."

In both cases, you must provide the original document, without this notarization is possible only in exceptional cases.

Documentation requirements for the notarized translation procedure

  • A multi-page document must be stapled, sealed with the seal of the organization and signed by an authorized person;
  • documents issued by another state must be legalized in accordance with international requirements;

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