Translation of personal documents

However, at the same time, the demands of various state bodies of various countries do not disappear. To interact with them, in most cases it is necessary to submit a variety of papers. At the same time, you need not only to submit the necessary document, but also to translate personal documents in accordance with all the rules.

Types of personal documents

Personal documents include any official papers that are personal in nature and issued in the name of a particular person. These can be various types of identification cards:

  • passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • pension certificate and so on.

Education documents are also personal:

  • certificate;
  • diploma;
  • certificate of completion of courses and the like.

All kinds of certificates, certificates, personal resumes, letters of recommendation and so on are also personal. Therefore, translation of personal documents for individuals is a difficult task from a technical point of view.

Professional translation of personal documents

Translations of personal documents for individuals should be carried out exclusively by highly qualified, experienced professionals. This is a very serious matter, and the smallest mistake can lead to the paper being invalid and not accepted at the place of presentation. This can have very serious consequences in terms of both financial losses and the loss of valuable time.

A specialist translator must deeply understand the specifics of working with personal documents. He needs to understand all the rules of paperwork, take into account the specifics of applying business terminology, know the subtleties of translating geographical names, personal and proper names in different languages, and also have other important skills. Experience here will often play a key role. Therefore, if you need to get a high-quality result, it is better to contact the specialized translation agency Etalon.

Order for the transfer of personal documents to the Etalon Bureau

If necessary, quickly get high-quality

Years of practice and work on the legal translation market allow Etalon to guarantee the best results in the shortest time. An important advantage of the bureau is that customers can simultaneously take advantage of the opportunity to receive a number of important notarial services, which they may need:

  • notarization of documents;
  • affixing an apostille;
  • consular legalization and so on.

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