Registration of marriage in Germany

If you decide to marry in Germany, you need to choose a registry office at the place of residence (German Standesamt), which will give the groom official permission for marriage, as well as a clear list of documents for both the groom and the bride.

Each German Land has its own specific requirements for documents submitted by the bride (groom), but basically these are

- birth certificate;

- notarized statement of marital status (valid for 6 months);

- evidence of divorce (if there was one); court decision on divorce (if divorced through court);

- certificate of registration from the OVIR;

- birth certificate of the child (if any);

- sometimes, in some Lands they require a criminal record.

All of the above documents must bear the Apostille stamp, which is affixed to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Kiev) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (Kiev), depending on the type of document.

If you order translations of documents from Ukrainian into German in Germany, they will cost about 25-30 euros for 1 document, so it’s more logical to make notarized translation in Ukraine . After that, the future wife receives the so-called questionnaire of the bride fills out and submits it to the German Embassy, on the basis of which she must obtain a visa to Germany for marriage.