Marriage to a foreigner – drawing up documents

What documents are needed for marriage with a foreigner?

Your beloved lives abroad and you wish to register your marriage in Ukraine? Then you will have to do a no easy task: to prepare a number of documents and to submit them to a Vital Statistics Department. What documents do you need? First of all, the passport of a foreign citizen shall be translated into Ukrainian, and the signature of the translator shall be notarized. Marital status certificate of a foreign citizen is also mandatory. This document shall state that a foreign citizen, who is about to marry, has not been married. The certificate shall be certified with an apostille or legalized at the Consulate of Ukraine in the country, which has issued it. The certificate shall also be translated into Ukrainian, and the signature of the translator shall be notarized. Life situations may differ. In case the foreigner was previously married, he/she has to submit a document of a previous marriage termination. It may be a court judgement, divorce certificate, death certificate of a spouse etc. This document shall be certified with an apostille or legalized, translated into Ukrainian and notarized. How to speed up the registration process? The process of marriage registration may be sped up. To do so, you need to submit supporting documents to a Vital Statistic Department (certificate of pregnancy, birth certificates of children in common, certificate of employment of a foreigner stating urgent need of his return to homeland etc.). If necessary, these documents are translated into Ukrainian. Have you decided to live abroad? Have your family decided to live abroad after marriage? Then you need to take care of legalization of a received certificate to ensure its validity within other country. The competent personnel of the Translation Agency “Etalon” will eagerly help you! Of course, we have given here only the list of basic documents for marriage to a foreigner. For more detailed information, please contact personnel of a Vital Statistics Department, upon taking the decision to marry. Have you decided to order the service in our agency? You can place your order and receive complete consultation service, having visited our office at the address: Kharkov, Sumskaia St., 37-B, 2 floor, office No.25, or having filled in the feedback form, or having simply called to our office!
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