Marriage to a foreigner – drawing up documents

You can arrange marital relations with a citizen of another country if you prepare the necessary documents for registration of marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine. Their list is determined by the regional department of the registry office. In this process, a number of formalities are required that depend on:

  • The citizenship of a person seeking to legitimize the union.
  • Marital status (the presence of other legal relations in another country).
  • The presence of a visa justifying the purpose of the person’s stay in Ukraine.
    • Translation agency "Etalon" helps to collect and prepare documents for marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine, and also provides a list of additional services, including translation of legal texts into English and other languages ​​of the world.

      Basic requirements for marriage with a foreigner

      This list reads the necessary conditions for the state registration of the union between two persons, regardless of their nationality:

      1. The coming of age of both future spouses. As an exception, it is possible to legalize relations upon reaching one of the spouses or both of them is 16 years old, but this requires the permission of the court.
      2. Marriage does not occur between persons in a direct line of kinship, brothers and sisters (including cousins), nephews / nieces with their aunts and uncles, respectively, as well as adopted children and their adoptive parents.
      3. One of the future spouses can submit an application (if there is a notarized power of attorney that allows you to act on another person). However, at the time of marriage registration, the immediate presence of both the bride and groom is necessary.

      Marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine - list of documents

      At its core, the procedure will not be different from the same procedure carried out between two Ukrainian citizens. The difference lies in the package of documents for marriage with a foreigner, which must be prepared before applying.

      All necessary papers must be translated into Ukrainian. In some cases, legalization of official documents is required - the Etalon translation agency can help. You will need:

      1. Valid passport valid at the time of marriage. It should be remembered that after submitting the application, a month is given during which this document must be valid. If the day the wedding is scheduled, the passport becomes expired, the registry office refuses to conclude a marriage. In addition, the passport must have stamps with the date of the last visit to Ukraine. A foreigner must be in the country officially and not exceed the maximum permissible period of stay in its territory.
      2. Translation of a foreign passport into Ukrainian. Documents for marriage with a foreigner can be submitted only in the language of the country in which relations will be legalized. If the state, the citizen of which is a foreigner, is a member of a coalition of countries that have signed the Hague Agreement, then the entire package of documents is appropriately apostilized. You can also order the apostille affixing service in our bureau.
      3. Certificate stating that the foreigner is not married in the territory of his country. It must also be translated into Ukrainian and certified.

      Difficulties in preparing documents for marriage with a foreigner

      There are a number of reasons preventing the conclusion of an official union between two persons:

      1. A foreigner has exceeded the limit of a possible stay in Ukraine. In this case, you need to contact the OVIR department, where they will advise you on possible solutions to the situation. If at the time of marriage with a foreigner according to documents in Ukraine it is clear that this limit has been exceeded, then the registry office does not have the right to accept the application.
      2. Certificate of marital status is incorrectly issued or translated. In order to avoid any difficulties with it, you need to turn to experienced translators who know the features of working with this document for marriage with a foreigner. Our experienced staff will help to avoid unforeseen situations and will draw up the correct translation of papers in full compliance with the law.
      3. Errors or data mismatch in the passport with visa data. A visa for the purpose of the visit is issued either at the moment of crossing the border with Ukraine, or even before that, depending on which country the foreigner is a citizen of. It is important that the information from this document does not contradict the data (seals with dates of border crossing) in the original and Ukrainian translation of the passport.

      Residence permit after marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine

      After issuing a marriage certificate, you need to update the purpose of the visit. In other words, a foreign citizen needs to leave Ukraine (not necessarily to his native country) and call again. It is important that the purpose of the visit is to restore the family. On this basis, documents for a temporary residence permit are submitted.

      Translation agency "Etalon" allows you to get accurate information about all the nuances of paperwork for marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine by telephone, email, instant messenger or directly in our office. For ease of communication, you can take the advice of a Jivosite specialist. We will help to collect, translate and legalize the entire package of documents in full compliance with the requirements. "Standard" works quickly, accurately and legally!

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