How to order a criminal record in Kharkov

A criminal record is one of the most common requests in our bureau. Etalon.

What is a notarized translation?

According to the law, a notarized translation in Ukraine is carried out by a notary on the basis of documents confirming the qualifications of a translator.

Consular legalization of documents

Consular legalization is a rather complicated and lengthy procedure, in any case involving a trip to Kiev and not one.

Need to legalize documents, or what is an apostille

Anyone who is going to go abroad for study, work, or maybe even forever, always has a question of legalization of documents.

Written Translation: Accuracy Above All!

In today's world, the number of foreign languages is huge, which creates the need for periodic translation of documents or texts.

Legalization of documents: no problems with the law!

When applying for visas or other documents for international travel, legalization of official documents is often required.
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