Does the apostille have a shelf life?

Our clients very often ask whether the apostille has a limitation period and whether the document will be accepted abroad if the apostille is affixed, for example, a year or two ago. We are always happy to help our customers, so we want to clarify this situation.

Features of freelance translation or how to become a cool freelancer

Do you plan to become a freelance translator? Our tips will help you start or improve your translator career!

Why do I need a visa?

As we know, a visa is not only a great addition to your passport; it allows you to immerse yourself in pleasant memories of your last trip when you turn pages. A visa is also an official document issued by a foreign country, which gives you the right to visit this country for a certain period of time.

Translation Difficulties: How to Protect Your Copyrights in Translations

Translation copyright issues are often very painful for translators. One of the most frustrating cases is a violation of your right to pay from the publisher or author you work for. Many are negotiating with publishers or authors, signing a contract for work.

Interpretation is included in the services of almost every translation agency

Interpretation is included in the list of services of almost every translation agency. At seminars, private meetings, meetings and any other events, negotiations with foreign partners, conferences and symposia, where confusion in scientific terms can lead to a misunderstanding of the essence of the speech, where the dialogue is conducted in different languages, the services of a first-class translator are simply necessary!

Standards of conduct, rules and business etiquette are present in every profession. For a translator, business ethics is also a relationship with a client, and with other participants in the event, and colleagues in the profession, the same translators. Ethics is aimed at creating a positive reputation of the translator and is based on three basic principles: correctness, commitment, confidentiality.
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