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Police clearance certificate

How to order a certificate of non-conviction for business

Police clearance certificate is a document that confirms presence (absence) of a criminal record of a person within Ukraine. This document is issued by the authorities of the Internal Affairs Department of Ukraine and is documented on a special set form with several levels of protection against forgery.

What is the purpose of the Police clearance certificate?

This document may be required both for some document drawing-up within Ukraine (e.g., gun license), and for departure outside the country, as well as:

• for citizenship registration or drawing-up of the residence permit

• for drawing-up of passport documents

• for visa issue

• for employment abroad • for submitting documents to the foreign state offices

• for participation in tender

• when working with explosive substances

• for adoption, guardianship, creating a foster family, opening a family based care home

Validity period of the Kharkov Police clearance certificate The Police clearance certificate is valid within 90 days for travelling abroad, and within 30 days for drawing-up of documents within Ukraine. We suggest you use our services and order a Kharkov Police clearance certificate!

Documents required for drawing-up of the Police clearance certificate

• application • copy of the national identity document (all pages filled)

• copy of the document, which confirms alteration of surname/name (copy of the marriage/divorce certificate, etc.)

• for non-residents of Ukraine – copy of the passport with translation

You can order your certificate without even leaving your home!

What you have to do is send the scanned copies of the above mentioned document to our e-mail address: Apostille on the Kharkov Police clearance certificate (legalization of the Police clearance certificate) In some cases, legalization of the Kharkov Police clearance certificate is required. For the states, which joined the Hague Convention, the apostille certification procedure will be enough. If the state, for which you plan to submit documents, is not a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, you will need consular legalization. Contact the translation agency “Etalon” in Kharkov, and we will explain you all nuances on how to obtain this document, and we will help to prepare the Police clearance certificate in Ukraine and will send it to you, even if you are outside the country!

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