Консульская легализация

Consular legalization for business

Consul's legalization - the certificate of reference, the stamp and the seal on the document.

Consular legalization in health insurance:

  • An official document in the Ministry of Foreign Legal Relations of Ukraine;
  • Vikonannya transfer of the document to the international language, certification of the copy of the document and the signature transfer by the notary;
  • Legal document in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • An official document in the Ministry of Foreign Legal Relations of Ukraine;
  • Legalization of a document at a representative embassy, ​​consulate.
  • Tilki pislya prodzhenzhennya all vishchevkazanih etap_v document will increase the readiness for the abovementioned to the official organs of the territory of the country designated.

It would be desirable to indicate what in the leather-specific country є in terms of order in the processing of documents. Fakhіvtsі Bureau of Relocations "Etalon" is ready to give you a full consultation from the catering consular legalization for business in a particular country.

The service of the consular legalization can be given as much as possible (including the consulate of the country of appointment), so more often than not in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. In the case of frequent legalization, the document itself is registered in the consulate of the country.

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