Medical translation


Translation of medical documents is a special type of translation of texts and publications that are closely related to health. The main role in such a time-consuming highly specialized process is played by the importance of information, the accuracy of translation of complex medical terminology and the guarantee of complete confidentiality. Documents such as epicrisis require medical professional secrecy. We take full responsibility for the safety of your information!

What medical texts do we translate?

  • Medical records (epicrisis).
  • Research and operation protocols.
  • Results of laboratory experiments / tests.
  • Research Information.
  • Information for doctors and patients.
  • Medication instructions.
  • Information about the treatment of patients.
  • Various medical publications.
  • Scientific medical articles.
  • Medical certificates.

There are many sections to medicine. These are pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, dentistry, etc. Each of these sections or a specific specialized medical field requires a competent approach and professionalism of the translator. After all, the “medical” language contains specific vocabulary that is understandable only to physicians. The translation of medical terms requires, in addition to knowledge of language literacy, knowledge in the field of their designations, adopted in each particular country. Medical texts may include ambiguous medical nomenclature, as well as information on new methods and technologies. Therefore, it is very important not to make mistakes in working with medical translations from English or a non-German language, for example. After all, technology is progressing every year. New terms, methods and equipment are being improved.

Turning to our translation agency, you will receive:

  • High-quality translation of medical documents.
  • Professional translation of medical terms and texts on time.
  • The complete confidentiality of the information provided to us!

The translation agency "Etalon" offers you its services in high-quality medical translation of texts of any complexity. High-quality translation is a competent language and accuracy. Our qualified and experienced specialists not only know the algorithm for finding rare terms, know the medical topics perfectly, speak fluent medical language slang and are constantly engaged in self-training, but they are also practicing doctors.

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