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Translation of medical documents is a specific translation of texts and publications on the subject of health. Major role in such labor-intensive and highly specialized process is given to the information importance, translation accuracy of complicated medical terminology and a guaranty of absolute confidentiality. Such documents as, for example, hospital discharge reports, require keeping medical secrecy. We take full responsibility for the safety of your information! What medical texts do we translate? • Medical records (hospital discharge reports). • Test reports and surgical records. • Summary reports of laboratory experiments/tests. • Research information. • Information for physicians and patients. • Medicine instructions. • Information on patient treatment. • Different publications on medical topics. • Medical research articles. • Health certificates. Medicine has many specialties. They include pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, dentistry etc. Each of these specialties or a specific medical branch requires adequate approach and professional competence of a translator. After all, “medical” language contains specific vocabulary, known only to physicians. Translation of medical terminology requires, apart from language proficiency, knowledge in the area of its definitions accepted in each country. Medical texts may include ambiguous medical nomenclature, as well as the information on new methods and technologies. Therefore, it is very important not to make mistakes when working with medical translation, for example, from English or German, since technologies are progressing every year. New terms, methods appear, and equipment is upgraded. By contacting our translation agency, you get: • Quality translation of medical documents. • Professional translation of medical terminology and texts within the terms established. • Absolute confidentiality of the information you provide! Our translation agency “Etalon” offers you the services of quality translation of medical texts of any degree of complexity. Quality translation includes adequate language and accuracy. Our qualified and skilled specialists not only know rare term search algorithm, have a perfect knowledge in the subject of medicine, have impeccable command of the medical slang, and are constantly involved in self-development, but are also practicing physicians. Have you decided to order the service in our agency? You can place your order and receive complete consultation service, having visited our office at the address: Kharkov, Sumskaia St., 37-B, 2 floor, office No.25, or having filled in the feedback form, or having simply called to our office!
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