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Manual is a document that contains a number of operations performed in the exact sequence. This type of documentation allows you to perform the correct operation procedure of something. For example, equipment operating rules, which are broken down into points for convenient reading. Inadequate translation can ruin the important meaning of the document and confuse a user. The sad consequences of such work are obvious. Therefore, trust us! Why entrust translation of manuals to us? Translation of manuals is considered to be a subtype of technical texts. Enormous amount of imported equipment has resulted in the increased demand for this type of services provided by professional translators. After all, a buyer, who has purchase the product can hardly operate it properly without a manual translated into Russian. To perform the translation correctly, we coordinate all details with the client in advance, ensuring accuracy and correct adaptation of the information for the user. The personnel of our Translation Agency includes true professional translators and watchful editors, who perform with great care translation of technical texts of any complexity and translation of manuals from English into Russian, and vice versa. Knowledge of technical subject, precious experience and linguistic education are our main shots in winning your trust to our agency. We are often contacted by trading companies selling foreign-made equipment in Ukraine, and domestic equipment manufacturers. In view of progress in technologies and mass modification of goods, translation of manuals of any complexity into English or native language is not a problem for us! Translators broaden their minds in the area of nanotechnologies, “market” vocabulary, since there are now terms, which were unknown before. Launching new models of innovative equipment can be accompanied by new definitions, which require clarification. In this case, the connection “translator – client – foreign manufacturer or retailer” is desirable to clarify all details. The Translation Agency “Etalon” guarantees you the final quality of the translated works from experienced specialists within the period set by you! Have you decided to order the service in our agency? You can place your order and receive complete consultation service, having visited our office at the address: Kharkov, Sumskaia St., 37-B, 2 floor, office No.25, or having filled in the feedback form, or having simply called to our office!
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