Translation of WEBsites and software localization

Localization and translation of sites

The Internet has many websites on different subjects. However, the client often wants to see the translation of a webpage or the translation of a website in general, i.e. its content. This work is very desired and actual for professional translators. First and foremost, we decide on the subject of the resource, then we put the work on the translator majoring in this area (technical translation, advertisement, legal or medical portal etc.). Our opportunities are almost limitless. Translation of a website is a grammatically and stylistically correct translation of its information structure (content), with an adequate rendering of meaning and contents from one language into another. Apart from the content, we are ready to translate buttons, menu and other website navigation elements. You might have noticed that a browser translation plug-in can hardly fulfill its purpose. You wish to translate a website into Russian, but all you receive is an “off-base” text with inadequate sentences, which at times distort the main meaning. In this case, translation service provided by the Translation Agency “Etalon” is your lucky find! Professional translation of English websites or website translation from Chinese, taking into account human factor, cannot be replaced by any program, if quality is your prerogative! Software localization is not just translation. It is a complex process, the purpose of which is to adapt software for users of a particular country. All files, interface and system messages pass a professional translation process, which may be complicated for many specialists, but not for us! Upon completion of the software localization works, our specialists test the program, its linguistic “content” and correctly built features. Linguistic knowledge combined with computer programming skills is a rare quality, therefore, we feel confident offering such services. After all, our personnel includes translators, who passed an extended testing period, failed by amateurs. We stand for quality, how about you? We are waiting for you! Have you decided to order the service in our agency? You can place your order and receive complete consultation service, having visited our office at the address: Kharkov, Sumskaia St., 37-B, 2 floor, office No.25, or having filled in the feedback form, or having simply called to our office!
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