Technical translations

Features of the translation of technical documentation

Rapid advancement of innovations and increased production volumes have resulted in high demand for translations of articles dealing with complicated technical topics in the last decade. Companies maintaining partnerships with European and other foreign markets often have to exchange field-specific technical documents concerning various aspects of work in oil and gas, iron and steel, food, and consumer goods industries. Technical translation requires top skill in translation, based on knowledge of scientific and technical terminology.

What kind of technical texts can we translate?

- Equipment operation manuals

- Technical drawings in the following formats: word, jpeg, ppt, pdf, dwg, dxf, indd, and many more

- Manufacturer’s specifications

- Equipment quality certificates

- Specifications for products

- Reference and guidance books

- Scientific articles dealing with technical topics and many others.

Translations of terms, abbreviations and notations mentioned in technical and sci-tech texts must be accurate. For this reason this type of service is significantly different from literary translation where creativity is encouraged instead. An impressive arsenal of reference books, dictionaries and special sources helps us guarantee high quality of translated works and close correspondence between translations and the original texts. The quality of translation will satisfy even the most demanding customers. If you need a German technical translation or a technical translation from English, contact us and see for yourself that our professionals offer the highest quality of translation. We can meet the challenge of translating technical texts of any level of complexity. Practice shows that our new customers stay with us!

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