Legal translation

Legal translation of documents

Legal translation involves translation of texts dealing with law. This service allows expanding the boundaries that prevent exchange of legal information among professionals from different countries by eliminating the language barrier. This is even more important considering that most today’s business projects are built on mutually beneficial business partnerships with foreign colleagues. Each country has its unique political and cultural characteristics, its own history of law and legal norms. In order to avoid rigid specificity, each state observes its own national law, while the global system involves international law, universal for all countries. Exactly for this reason translation of a legal text from, for example, English requires not only profound knowledge of the language and specialization in law, but also being aware of the legal characteristics of a specific country.

Translation of legal documents includes the following:

- Agreements, contracts, international agreements

- Charters, instruments of incorporation, certificates, powers of attorney

- Memoranda, legislative acts and statutory instruments

- Judicial documents

- Notarized documents and documents endorsed with Apostille

- Civil and international legal texts.

Legal translation is sometimes referred to as a special type of technical translation. High quality performance requires knowledge about specific aspects of the legal system of the country whose language the original text is translated from. Terminology of legal translation from, for example, English, is influenced by the cultural principles of the country and its traditions. A professional approach will allow translating documents without distorting the original sense and obtaining a high-quality text by using linguistic constructions with precision. This will help construct the text consistently, without losses in meaning. Professional translators employed by Etalon translation agency are ready to complete a translation of a legal text of any level of complexity within stipulated terms. Specialization in law and extensive experience allow us ensure high quality of work, which in turn ensures absence of mistakes. Be careful when choosing a translation agency for yourself! For instance, low-quality translation of contracts can entail serious consequences, up to financial losses and a lawsuit. Keep in mind that most countries require notarization and legalization of translated documents for them to come into effect in the territory of a foreign country. Trust professionals!

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