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Legal translation is the translation of texts specializing in the field of law. This service expands the boundaries for the exchange of legal information between professionals from different countries, removing the existing language barrier. Moreover, most modern business projects are based on mutually beneficial business relations with foreign partners. Each country has individual political and cultural features, its own history of jurisprudence and established legal norms. To avoid strict specifics, each state honors its national law, and the world system provides for international law generally accepted for all states. That is why to translate a legal text, for business, for example, from English, not only a thorough knowledge of the language, specialization in the legal field, but also knowledge of the legal characteristics of a particular country is necessary.

Translation of legal documentation includes translation:

  • Agreements, contracts, international agreements
  • Charters, constituent documents, certificates, powers of attorney.
  • Memoranda, Legislative and Legal Acts.
  • Court documents.
  • Notarial documents and apostilles.
  • Texts of civil and international law.

Sometimes legal translation for business is compared with a special type of technical translation. For quality work, knowledge of the peculiarities of the legal system of the country from which the language is translated is important. The features of the terminology and vocabulary of legal translation from English, for example, should take into account the cultural principles of the country and its traditions. A competent approach will allow you to translate the documentation without distorting the source data and accurately wielding language constructs to get high-quality text. This will allow you to consistently build the text without losing the meaning of the semantic load. Professional translators of the Etalon translation bureau are ready to fulfill the order for the translation of legal texts of any complexity within the agreed time frame. Legal specialization and rich experience allows us to achieve high quality work performance, which serves as a guarantee of the absence of errors. Be careful with the choice of translation agency! For example, an illiterate translation of contracts can lead to serious consequences, including financial losses and court.

Remember that for most countries the translated documents require notarization and legalization in order to acquire legal force in the territory of a foreign state. Trust the professionals!

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