Consecutive interpretation

Serial translation for your business

Any successful organizer or a modern business person strongly depends on the knowledge of different languages. After all, the public, partners or potential clients are not always Russian-speaking. Therefore, it is very important to find the skillful interpreter promptly, if you have some language barriers. A competent interpreter will perform adequate and accurate consecutive interpretation thoroughly, having preserved the meaning, nationally biased units, and will also emphasize your reputation of the rising man.

What skills must the consecutive interpreter have?

1. Consider the time limit expressed as speaker’s speech tempo.

2. Perform a real-time analysis of the information presented by the speaker.

3. Select adequate words and phrases.

4. Promptly construct the correct speech preserving its meaning as much as possible.

5. Provide competent delivery of the given information, while performing consecutive interpretation. 6. Have professional competence, work experience and a large vocabulary. Such interpreter can be in attendance on the speaker during excursions, participation in official events, can be in attendance on the entire delegations and take active part in confidential business negotiations. We guarantee you a 100% confidentiality on that matter! Please, contact us, assess the quality of the work of the respected interpreters in the area of consecutive interpretation! Know the value of your reputation!

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