Nostrification of education certificates

If you consider yourself a category of people planning your future abroad, then you probably came across such concepts as legalization and nostrification of a diploma in Ukraine. This is a certain kind of certification of an educational document that confirms your qualifications in other countries. This works in the reverse order, as some foreigners come to continue to receive education in Ukraine and they need to legalize, that is, nostrification of diplomas of their previous achievements.

To understand what exactly distinguishes nostrification, study this article.

Nostrification in Ukraine is the process of legitimizing foreign documents about obtaining a certain education. As a result of bringing the document to the sample, an expert opinion is issued on full or partial recognition or on its absence.

The process of nostrification of a certificate or diploma includes a number of procedures for comparing all the studied disciplines and subjects (as well as the number of hours allocated to each of them). If the procedure has ended successfully, then the person receives a guarantee that the future employer or the next university will be fully aware of the qualifications already received at a certain level.

All foreign students have to undergo this procedure, since the samples of Ukrainian documentation differ significantly from them. To fully legalize them, it is necessary to nostrify with specialists.

Legalization and nostrification of Kharkov - differences

At first glance, these procedures have the same purpose, but pursue different goals. Legalization makes the document relevant for the country to which you are sent, where it will become a valid and working document. Complete nostrification of a diploma at the Etalon agency already includes legalization, so you do not have to choose from these two services.

Standard nostrification is done within 50-60 days and costs a person about 2700-3000 UAH, while accelerated can be done in up to 5 business days. The price for urgent service is more expensive and is negotiated separately.

Even if you are a citizen of Ukraine and returned to your native country with a foreign diploma, you still need to nostrify him in order to work in government institutions. All these services are carried out according to a clear algorithm defined by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

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