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Sworn translation - what is it and why is it needed?

The concept of a sworn or accredited translator for many remains not entirely clear, since not everyone is faced with such a request in life. However, the sworn translation function in Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities is in demand, while there are not so many specialists in this field.

A sworn translation of documents is a work performed by a sworn translator, where a signature, seal and a statement that the translation is technically correct must be present. But who exactly is a sworn translator? A sworn (or they say an accredited) translator is a specialist with a diploma who has additional accreditation of the embassy of the country whose language he represents. That is why the services of such a professional are often much more in demand than usual.

In what situations is this translation format needed? This is a prerequisite of the host country for obtaining a visa, residence permit or training, conducting entrepreneurial activity by a foreign citizen. For example, residents of Ukraine are required to provide documents with a sworn transfer to France or the Czech Republic. Our agency has a sworn translation service Kharkov and specialists who can provide this service to the full extent of their qualifications.

Unlike a notarized translation, the signature of an accredited specialist confirms the quality of the translation itself and its reliability. After that, he takes full responsibility for the compliance of the document with norms and standards.

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Our staff includes certified translators and specialists in different languages, as well as legal consultants who help to correctly draw up documents of various kinds. If necessary, we can order delivery of documents by courier or transport companies.

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