Translations of personal documents

How to order a translation of personal documents

You have been offered a favorable job abroad, have received an opportunity to study in a prestigious foreign higher education institution, or are about to register the marriage with a foreigner? There are a lot of life circumstances, which may require translation of personal documents. Translation of personal documents is a task of high responsibility, as it requires not only adequate translation, correct spelling of proper names, data accuracy, but also a proper execution of the document itself.

Personal documents include:

• passport

• certificates (birth/marriage/divorce certificate etc.)

• diploma and appendix to diploma

• secondary education certificate and its appendix

• reference certificates (taxpayer registration card, criminal record certificate, certificate of employment, bank reference certificate, certificate of Housing and Utility Management Unit etc.)

• pensioner identity document

• driver’s license

• work record book In most cases, the translation of personal documentation has to be notarized or certified with the seal of the Translation Agency (provided free of charge).

In the Translation Agency “Etalon”, you can also order apostille certification or consular legalization of your documents.

Our Translation Agency has fixed prices on the translation of standard personal documents, which do not depend on the quantity of the text to be translated. If necessary, specialists of the Translation Agency “Etalon” can perform urgent translation of personal documents. Translation of one standard document in our Agency takes 30 minutes.

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