Documents for marriage in Germany

What documents are needed for marriage in Germany

If you have decided to register your marriage in Germany, you have to choose the Vital Statistics Department (Germ.: Standesamt) at the place of residence, which will issue an official permission to marry for a fiancé (fiancée), who is a citizen of Germany, as well as a set list of documents both for a fiancé and a fiancée.

Each Land of Germany has its own list of documents to be submitted by a fiancé (fiancée), but mainly it includes:

• birth certificate;

• notarized statement of the marital status (valid within 6 months);

• divorce certificate (if any);

• court judgement of divorce (if the divorce has been registered through court procedure);

• confirmation of residence from Visa and Registration Department;

• birth certificate of a child (if any);

• some Lands occasionally require a criminal record certificate.

If you have a minor child, later you will need permission of the other parent for sending the child away. All documents mentioned above shall have apostille certification, which is affixed in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, depending on the document. In Germany, translation of documents from Ukrainian into German will cost you about 25-30 EUR per 1 document, therefore it is better to make notarized translation in Ukraine. After this, a wife/husband-to-be shall receive the “Fiancé(e) Application Form”, fill it out and submit it to the Embassy of Germany, based on which, she/he shall receive the Visa for Marriage in Germany. If you have any difficulties with filling out your application form, we can help you with this.

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