Translation of a diploma, secondary education certificate

Translation of the diploma

Most people have a diploma that indicates their graduation from a higher or secondary specialized educational institution. On this document, the full name of the person is recorded, as well as the name of the educational institution and the specialty acquired by him. Very often there is a need to translate the diploma into another language. For these needs, we suggest you use the services of the Etalon agency, which specializes not only in general documentation, but also in special technical and legal translations, their legalization in countries near and far abroad, and also helps foreigners who come to Ukraine.

When can a higher education diploma be required?

  • moving to another country for permanent residence;
  • temporary work under a contract abroad;
  • continuing studies with advanced training at a foreign university;
  • moving and studying in Ukraine from another country.

An insert in a diploma has more nuances in translation, which makes it practically impossible to translate it independently, especially by a person who does not have a special profile education. In order for all the disciplines you have passed to comply with international standards, translators process a lot of material and specify each nuance in the subject name. Such meticulous work, however, is carried out quite quickly and technically accurately. If you need to receive diploma translations urgently, then you will find with us the opportunity to order an urgent service, but its cost will be higher than usual.

The site provides a lot of information that will help you navigate the nuances of all the documentation, as we translate not only the documents themselves, but also large voluminous scientific works, legal documents and much more. In order for your diploma not only to be translated, but also to have legal force, it is necessary to notarize it. This will give you the opportunity to work in any country with a Ukrainian education.

We assist in notarization, and we also print as a translation agency, which greatly simplifies paperwork for ordinary people. In addition, we help in the legalization of documents, consular certification and sworn translation, as the range of our services is quite wide.

Any private person who needs a translation of a diploma, certificate or passport, as well as companies when they need to adapt a large number of foreign documents or simply a large-scale technical translation of specialized literature can use the services of our agency.

You can see an example of a translation of a diploma into English on our website, or receive it on demand to make sure the professionalism of our team.

Translation of a diploma into German

The second most popular query after English is translation into German and from German. A large number of specialists in the technical and medical fields continue their studies in Germany or get a permanent job there.

We carry out such a translation and also suggest immediately familiarizing yourself with the entire list of languages ​​offered. Translation of the languages ​​of the Slavic group will cost you a little cheaper, Oriental and Scandinavian languages ​​will be more expensive, since there are much fewer specialists in this field.

When translating an education document into a foreign language, we follow certain norms and standards in the field of translation.

  • All seals and inscriptions are subject to translation.
  • Subjects and disciplines can be translated in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
  • Name must match the ones already existing in documents of international standard (for example, in a passport).
  • We always coordinate all controversial issues with customers, doing the work not only quickly, but also efficiently, so that in the future you will not have difficulties with the documentation provided.

Diploma transfer fee

Every day we translate personal documents into various languages ​​that pursue different goals, from correctly filled in individual visa data, ending with a full notarized diploma of a candidate or doctor of sciences for a contract abroad.

The cost of a plain text in English or German is from 80 UAH for 1800 characters, in Spanish, French or Portuguese from 100 UAH, Oriental languages ​​are 130-140 UAH and so on.

Agency "Etalon" services

Our translation agency is engaged not only in core activities, providing translation services for documents and website adaptations in more than 50 languages ​​of the world, but also provides a number of legal services that are conveniently immediately available in one place. Our features:

  • translation of a bachelor's degree in English;
  • translation of the Ph.D. degree into English;
  • translation of a red diploma;
  • translation of passports into a foreign language or reverse service (into Ukrainian);
  • translation and notarization of a diploma;
  • adaptation of any specialized literature;
  • legalization of documents in embassies and consulates;
  • affixing an apostille on various types of documents.

Why you should contact our agency:

  • "Etalon" has a convenient location in the city center, and also takes orders online;
  • any order is settled immediately, the prices are flexible, we are always ready to provide favorable conditions for our customers;
  • fast and high-quality professional work, the possibility of urgent orders;
  • all types of legal services for the legalization of documents, quick deadlines.

We approach each order with great responsibility, since the fate of a person and the recognition (or non-recognition) of his education, personality and achievements in other countries will depend on the level of professionalism.

Have you decided to order a service in our bureau?

You can place an order or get a full consultation:

  • visiting our office at the address: Kharkov, st. Sumy 37-B, 2nd floor, office 25;
  • or by filling out a feedback form;
  • or just calling us at the office!

An example of a translation of a certificate and attachment to it:

Certificate translation example

Certificate translation example

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