Translation of documents for studying in Poland

Translation of documents into Polish for admission in Poland

Higher education establishments of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany have opened their doors for Ukrainian applicants. Qualifications obtained in these countries are highly valued both in Ukraine and throughout Europe. The proximity of these countries, reasonable tuition fees, and the possibility of traveling around the Schengen area are the advantages prompting people to choose to study there. One of the requirements of all foreign higher education establishments for applicants is providing a set of documents. Each country has some specific application requirements. For example, in Poland an applicant is obliged to provide a school certificate and an official grade transcript endorsed with an Apostille. After endorsement with an Apostille, it is necessary to obtain translations of the certificate and transcript into the Polish language and notarize them. Some schools also require a translation of the medical certificate confirming that the applicant has no contraindications against training in the selected speciality. Also, a translation of the birth certificate might be required. You can complete each stage of preparation of the set of documents independently, or you could entrust this responsible task to our translation agency. What does the process of document preparation for Polish higher education establishments include? 1st step. You provide our agency with the originals of the school certificate, grade transcript, and the medical certificate. 2nd step. We have the documents certifying the level of education endorsed with an Apostille at the Ministry of Education and Science in Kyiv. 3rd step. After endorsement with an Apostille, we translate the documents and have them notarized. 4th step. You receive a ready set of documents. Why entrust this task to the translation agency? Firstly, you will not have to go to Kyiv and wait in lines at the Ministry of Education and Science to submit and collect the documents. The applicant simply leaves the documents at the agency and gets ready for his/her examinations. Secondly, all translations will be proofread by an experienced professional. Thirdly, we can complete the task promptly. You will receive a ready set of documents as fast as in 4 working days! Fourthly, you will save your time and nerves.

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