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High-quality translation of the passport.

The main document that certifies and identifies our identity is the passport of a citizen of Ukraine. To get overseas. The document requires translation of the Ukrainian passport and the data presented in it, so that your name is understandable in international English, and a representative of other nationalities can be read.

Making a correct and accurate translation of a passport from Ukrainian into English should be entrusted to professionals who understand the technique of transcribing names and adapting geographical names so that your document in the future is full, legally binding and does not cause problems at the customs control. The specialists of the Etalon agency are engaged not only in translation work, but also help in drawing up legal nuances as soon as possible, which can greatly simplify the process of obtaining a new document.

Translation into Ukrainian is also in demand - translation of a foreign passport into Russian or Ukrainian. This is relevant when entering foreigners in our country, obtaining full citizenship, registration, marriage (if necessary, confirm the correct spelling of the name). All these services can be found in the list of services offered by our translation agency, as well as find out the assessment of work and the deadlines for several minutes.

Translation of a Ukrainian passport into Russian is the most simple and inexpensive procedure due to the similarity of languages ​​(not without subtleties) and a similar standard for paperwork.

Notarized translation of a passport - cost

The translators of the Etalon agency are highly qualified and know how to correctly translate and transcribe the names, surnames, and names of locations. They comply with all necessary requirements in order to accurately convey the names of institutions, dates and the design itself, a sample of which has been established by special authorities.

If you need a notarized translation of a Belarusian passport or passport into Ukrainian, we will complete the translation in 1-2 days with a notary certification.

The notarized translation of a passport of a foreign citizen, which has a completely different format and look, as well as other possible nuances of writing there, will be more expensive.

In general, the cost of a notarized translation of a passport is negotiated separately in each case, which allows you to assign the most optimal price based on the complexity and specifics of the work. Also, many of our customers require processing and adaptation of a large package of documents at once, each of which has its own peculiarity. Our consultants will be able to make all calculations online for your convenience, specifying all the necessary background information.

"Etalon" translation center in Kharkov

Each process of translating a passport and other personal documentation has two steps: after the transfer is completed, the paper is checked by an editor (proofreader) who checks all the details of the work. With notarization, it is the notary who is responsible for the finished document, but is not responsible for the quality of the document itself. If you need a document to enter and work permanently in France or the Czech Republic, you will need the service of a sworn (accredited) translator who puts his stamp and has permission to translate from the embassy of that country.

The service that you can get on our website:

In addition to basic legal and translation services, we also provide legalization and apostille services, which is important for foreign citizens. At the moment, such a symbiosis of legal services and translation into foreign languages ​​(in our arsenal there are specialists in more than 50 languages) is most in demand on the market.

Translating passports and other identification documents, notarization of the finished paper is almost always required, where the lawyer confirms the authenticity of the new document with his signature and seal.

Thanks to the legalization of any kind of documents (most often it is about educational certificates and diplomas), specialists from our country can work abroad, and nostrification allows you to give authenticity and confirmation to foreign documents in Ukraine (if you received education in Europe, England, USA).

All details about the procedures can be clarified with our managers in translation center in Kharkov, who will gladly explain the legal subtleties and help you choose the best service personally for your case.

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