Перевод справки из школы

Translation of a certificate from the school into English

A visa is obtained when a translation of a certificate from the school into English can be presented to the appropriate organization. The receipt of this document and the translation of a higher education diploma followed by notarization can be ordered from Etalon.

When translation from school is required

If you are traveling to another country with your child or want to send him to continue studying abroad, you should worry about the availability of a translation of a certificate from the school for a visa. This document is included in the list of mandatory documents required at a foreign embassy to decide on the possibility of a citizen of another state staying in a certain country.

Translation agency "Etalon" translates personal documents into the language of the country of destination in the shortest possible time. We guarantee data confidentiality, quickly and efficiently translate the certificate from the school into English, followed by certification. A competent and experienced team of highly qualified translators, editors and lawyers will help with a quick solution to problems of any complexity!

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