Marriage certificate translation

To submit documents abroad, citizens of Ukraine often need a notarized translation of a marriage certificate - the official and main document that determines the legality of relations between two persons. Proper and timely implementation of this requirement ensures compliance with the formalities when preparing documents for staying in Ukraine.

For a comfortable stay abroad, it is often necessary to have this document, as well as its translated and certified copies. Bureau "Etalon" will make an urgent translation of the marriage certificate into Russian, English and other languages. You can also contact us to translate a birth certificate in more than 50 languages ​​of the world.

However, translation of a marriage certificate from Ukrainian into Russian is not always sufficient. Notarization complements this procedure and guarantees the fidelity of the translation to the original, which is confirmed by the qualifications of the translator on the basis of a passport and a document of education. All these actions can be performed in our Etalon bureau. This allows you to fully prepare the necessary papers in one place, without wasting time and effort in finding the right organization.

Quality and efficiency are guaranteed by the staff. The document is drawn up in accordance with the standards and is checked by the editor and notary.

Marriage certificate - translation into English in Ukraine

This service, as well as any other of the list of our services, we can provide remotely. The translation agency "Etalon" provides the opportunity to receive a translation of the marriage certificate for a visa without visiting the office. Scanned copies of documents can be sent by e-mail or through any convenient messenger.

Services of the translation agency "Etalon"

Here you will find a large list of possibilities for obtaining a diverse type of documents with translation into the required language. Experienced specialists will translate the marriage certificate into English, a sample of which you can see when meeting with a company employee. Employees of the Etalon Translation Bureau are informed about the rules for working with personal documents and strictly observe the confidentiality of personal information. Our company will perform high-quality translation of personal documents, including marriage certificates, translation into English and other languages ​​of the world.

Example of translation of marriage certificate of Ukraine:

Example of translation of marriage certificate of Ukraine

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