Translation of a divorce certificate

When applying for a visa, moving to another country, it is often necessary to have a translation of a divorce certificate on hand - an official document confirming the fact of divorce between two people. When exporting a document abroad, it should be executed in accordance with the requirements. This may require legalization (apostilization or legalization at consulates), translation of a document into the appropriate language and its notarization. The translation agency "Etalon" will help to translate any personal documents for individuals in full compliance with the requirements.

Divorce certificate - translation into English in Ukraine

Notarization of the document officially confirms the fidelity of a copy of the document and the authenticity of the translation. Order a notary certification service if it is necessary to obtain a visa or paperwork in another country.

This may be required:
  1. In case of a change of surname upon dissolution of marriage.
  2. In the case of marriage in another country.

In most cases, translation of a certificate of marriage or its termination requires notarization. Employees of the translation agency "Etalon" will help to resolve the required issue legally, efficiently, inexpensively.

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