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Translation of birth certificate into English and other world languages

Nowadays, one often requires translation of a variety of documents, such as a birth certificate. To receive a quality translation, you should contact the experienced professionals – the Translation Agency “Etalon”. Quality translation of a birth certificate is one of our most common services. Why do you need to translate a birth certificate? Very often, the translation of a birth certificate is needed: • to submit documents to the embassies of other countries at the territory of Ukraine; • to marry a foreign citizen abroad; • for visa issue; • to continue your studies abroad; • for employment abroad; • to apply for a residence permit. The important factor in the translation of a birth certificate is the correct spelling of surnames, names, patronymics, which are always checked with clients to avoid possible problems with spelling. As a result, the document and its separate components will meet the up-to-date requirements and the specific features of a certain foreign language. If you need to use a birth certificate abroad. For a birth certificate to be effective within other state, in most cases it is necessary not only to perform the notarized translation of this document, but also to affix apostille certification in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or to perform the procedure of consular legalization (depending on the country, for which you apply). Please note! In this case, translation of a birth certificate into foreign language shall be done only after apostille certification (legalization). One of the requirements may be the translation of a certificate by the Sworn Translator. Please note! Our Translation Agency cooperates with Vital Statistics Department in Kharkov and Kiev, so we can always discover duplicate of your certificate freely and in the shortest time possible. How can the translation of a birth certificate be certified? • notarized (e.g., to apply to higher education institutions, for marriage abroad etc.) • by the official seal of the Agency (e.g., to the embassies of foreign countries). Why is the translation of a birth certificate in our Agency PROFITABLE? According to the law of Ukraine, all notaries (both public and private) must perform certification only in Ukrainian. When submitting document abroad, you will certainly need the translation of the notarial certification record. We will translate the seal and the certification record of the notary into any language FREE OF CHARGE, and you will not have to spend money and time for this abroad! Also in our Agency, you can always order urgent translation of a certificate. Have you decided to order the service in our agency? You can place your order and receive complete consultation service, having visited our office at the address: Kharkov, Sumskaia St., 37-B, 2 floor, office No.25, or having filled in the feedback form, or having simply called to our office!

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Birth certificate translation example

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