Transfer of the work book

Transfer the work book for the embassy

Today, a considerable number of people took the opportunity to work abroad, and to solve this problem, you want to get an English translation of employment record - an important document that confirms the qualifications and experience of the holder. In many questions of its presence is as important as the transfer of pension document.

What you may need translation work?

  1. It is most commonly needed for formal employment in the territory of another country.
  2. When you reach retirement age, this document helps to draw a pension, especially if part of the work experience necessary for the period of stay in another country.
  3. Translation of the work book for the Embassy - demanded procedure requiring notarization.
  4. To submit to other government agencies and social services.

Translations into English employment record

The Bureau "Etalon" Translation provides translation into English of employment record with the Ukrainian, Russian and other languages. We are ready to assist in the preparation of documents in more than 50 languages ​​of the world with full compliance with the format required by a particular State.

Work book - German translation

The trip to Germany may also need to be accompanied by a translation of the document. We work quickly, efficiently, thoroughly and are ready to solve this problem in the short term:

  • 1-2 days - depending on the workload of the company.
  • Within a few hours, if you want to work book, translation and notarization, and much time is running out.

Complexity of the procedure

Most of these documents are filled out by hand. They abound with stamps, signatures of the persons and organizations that work which can be very difficult. Before the translation of a document is required to submit transcripts and explanations of all the finer points of the rules of transliteration, so that the result does not cause confusion.

The official document confirmed by a notary certification, which makes it in the eyes of the foreign employer significant and meaningful. Therefore, the work book with a translation into English or another language requires a corresponding print.

The Bureau "Etalon" Translation provides complete information on any topic of interest. Here you can order the translation of personal documents in Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities.

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