Financial translation

To solve many business tasks of an international level, a translation of financial documents is required, which you can order at the Etalon Bureau. We are a team of experienced translators specializing in economic, financial and other highly specialized texts for their presentation in the international arena. With the translation carried out by our linguists with a long practice in the financial sector, you can reach a new level of business development or strengthen existing positions.

Working with financial transfers

There are many situations that require the use of financial transfers by competent authorities. For example, when searching for investors for a new startup, you will need a competent translation of business plans. For international partners, the documents requested by their financiers and lawyers should be prepared: annual reports, translation of the charter, etc. Large financial banks conduct operations only if they have correctly prepared and translated into the required language economic documentation.

No matter what task you solve, the Etalon agency will prepare for you an accurate, professional translation that takes into account all the nuances and specifics of this area. If necessary, additionally receive legal translation from English or another language of the world we are ready to tackle this issue.

What financial texts do we translate

Here you can order:

  • Accurate translations of reports: accounting, audit, annual.
  • High-quality translation of business plans and presentations.
  • Translation of newsletters, expert and information texts into a foreign language.
  • Translation of commercial offers, which describes the properties and advantages of the offered goods / services with the exact observance of the terminology and features of the information.
  • Translation of financial statements for foreign banks and investors.
  • Work with certificates, customs documents, tenders, etc.

Our bureau employees agree to provide you with a translation of economic documents of varying complexity and scale. We are ready to cooperate both in a single case and on an ongoing basis, offering convenient conditions for subsequent orders. From time to time, our company has promotions and discounts, thanks to which you can get a competent professional translation for less money.

Why the cost of financial transfer depends

Etalon offers translation services , price for which it is fixed, adequate and competitive. We calculate the cost of future work on the following grounds:

  • Urgency. Often it is required to have in your hands a translation of banking documentation into English, made in a short time. We will help you even in the conditions of severe time pressure by connecting several competent employees for operational work. And even in this case, we will not forget about literacy, accuracy and compliance with all the specifics of work in this area.
  • Languages. The peculiarity of the forthcoming work depends on what language and in which translation will be made.
  • Volume and complexity. In some cases, the translation of financial texts may take only a day, in others it may take weeks. It all depends on how many characters are in the original document, whether it contains tables, charts, pictures, etc.

Professional financial transfer is the face of your business

For work in the economic field, we only include qualified specialists who have many years of experience in financial translation from Russian into English and other world languages. Our employees work with economic documents and have a specialized education, constantly improving in this industry. Without systematic growth in the economic sphere, it is impossible to create relevant and accurate translations that have international power. For this reason, we only work with motivated professionals who are translators of accounting terms and are well versed in economic matters.

The most popular is the financial translation into English and German. However, we are ready to prepare for you a project translated into any of the 50 languages ​​of the world with which we work.

Terms of cooperation with Etalon

In our many years of practice, we have encountered various difficult situations, including tough time frames for solving complex and voluminous problems. The translation agency "Etalon" unites people who are ready to work with full dedication. They are neat and competent employees who are interested in related economic topics and specializing, as a rule, in several foreign languages ​​at once. They will translate the economic text, scrupulously approaching each abbreviation, term and comma in the document.

To expand the scope of its activities, Etalon offers convenient conditions for cooperation with clients from any corner of the world.

  1. You can get complete information from our employees in any format that is familiar to you: by messenger, online chat on the site, by email or in person with a manager in our Kharkov office.
  2. We guarantee complete confidentiality and respect for the rights of the client.
  3. We offer favorable conditions for long-term cooperation with individuals or entire organizations.
  4. We translate financial articles and other economic texts on exactly the agreed dates. No delays or delays!
  5. We provide high accuracy due to multi-level quality control of the text: after the work of a certified translator, an experienced editor reads it out and checks a proofreader specializing in financial topics.

"Etalon" is an exemplary example of a high-quality translation of economic documents made by professionals!

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