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Literary translation is genuine art, creative contribution of the translator to the writer’s created genre. So many languages are hard to learn. There are unique foreign literary pieces and brilliant authors of amazing books that a Russian speaking reader may be unable to enjoy. The translator’s task is to provide an accurate literary translation preserving at the same time the author’s unique style and the book’s atmosphere. This type of translation is considered especially challenging. The translator is faced with the task of rendering the exact character of the text in a different language. This can be compared with writing the book literally from scratch. When reading such works, a person forms an opinion about the author, and the translator plays a special role in this process. A skillful translator weaves the canvas of the text preserving the author’s typical style, conveying his or her central idea. The text should be interesting and readable. Indeed, one needs a writer’s talent to cope with the task. There is no training for this kind of activity, translators keep honing their skills throughout their whole careers. What are typical characteristics of literary translation? - Absence of exact word-by-word translations - Translation of set expressions (idioms, aphorisms) - Ability to use word play, sense of humor. - Preservation of the original style, knowing the context and culture. If you need a literary translation into French, English, or another language, you should entrust us with a creative task like this. The translators working at Etalon translation agency are exceptional professionals that can boast no mean creative abilities. Their skill in work with texts by foreign authors allows them to convey every nuance that the writer wanted to show in his/her masterpiece. This type of translation causes debates at times. It is hardly possible to give a definite answer if the translation is a good one or not, as there are no specific rules and borders. Reproducing a text in a different language is no easy task, especially when it comes to poetry. Come to us! Our wizards of literary texts will produce efficient translations of prose or poetry, and you will get a professionally translated text, not “ad lib” that never was in the original text. Experience and expertise are the basis of high-quality work! Ready to order a service from our agency? You can place an order or receive details on any question at our office (address: vul.Sumska 37-B, 2nd floor, Office 25, Kharkiv), by filling the contact form, or simply by calling us!
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