Medical translation

The group of specialized specialized translations includes such a type of work as the translation of medical documents - one of the activities of the Etalon Bureau. We provide translation services of medical texts and documents, guaranteeing high quality work, efficiency and confidentiality of information.

Translation agency "Etalon" specializes in solving complex problems that certainly arise when working with medical and pharmaceutical topics. These multifaceted areas require the involvement of only highly qualified specialists who are well aware of the features of the terminology, know a foreign language and have experience working with similar materials. It is possible to order from us to receive high-quality medical translation of texts on favorable terms from just such specialists.

Features of work with medical translations

Entry into this industry begins with an awareness of the responsibility that rests with the translator, editor and proofreader working with medical texts. Long-term medical practice confirms this idea - the correctness and accuracy of treatment, and consequently human lives, depend on the quality of the translation. To ensure that the translation of medical texts is as correct as possible, people with specialized education in the field of medicine or health care are working on it, and have also earned a living for more than a year as a professional translator.

Experience shows that philologists with medical education and experienced translators, practicing as doctors and teachers of medical institutes, create the most high-quality and correct translations of texts on medical topics. People with such skills form the staff of the Etalon translation bureau, which, combined with careful proofreading and proofreading, gives an ideal result.

What kind of medical documents do we translate

"Standard" works with more than 20 languages ​​of the world: from the most common to rare and little-known. Sometimes medical texts contain Latin abbreviations, with the decoding and correct use of which only experienced translators can handle. You can order a translation of medical documents into English from the following types of texts:

  1. Case histories, certificates, extracts, prescriptions, doctor’s opinions, questionnaires.
  2. Instructions that describe the features of the use of drugs.
  3. Information about international medical research.
  4. Popular science literature on medical subjects.
  5. Specialized articles and other publicly available publications covering the results of research, experiments, tests in this field.
The above list is only superficial. If you did not find in it the type of translation of medical texts you need, contact our staff.

Working with medical translations at the Etalon Bureau

Like other highly specialized documents, for example, the translation of an economic text , the translation of medical documents require complete immersion and a conscious approach to the task. Mechanical translation without understanding the characteristics of terms, abbreviations and nomenclature can lead to serious consequences. We understand how important it is to correctly solve this difficult translation problem, so we only connect employees who have extensive experience with similar texts.

At the moment, the most popular customer requests include the translation of medical documents from Russian into German. The reason is that developed medicine in Germany causes more confidence among our compatriots. Our citizens have the opportunity to turn to highly qualified German specialists for appropriate assistance in treatment. Before the trip, it is often necessary to prepare a translation of medical documents into German, which our experienced linguists will quickly help.

Also often required is the translation into English of medical documents written by the doctor by hand. Working with such texts requires an understanding of medical terminology and often patience and more time than translating general texts. Our employees are ready to tackle such difficult tasks.

Urgent translation of medical texts

This topic is one of the most responsible and complex among all that a professional translator encounters in his work. Due to the fact that it is often necessary to develop a separate glossary for cooperation with a particular customer or to decipher the handwritten text, it takes a lot of time to work with the document. However, you can order a service and urgent medical translation of texts from us.

We will reduce the working time, leaving quality, accuracy and correctness a priority. Etalon will prepare the necessary documents for you as soon as possible. You can find out all the details of this service from the consultants of our agency.

How to order a medical translation in Etalon

This promising direction of translations is actively developing in the professional bureau Etalon. We attract competent and experienced specialists, establish international relations and hone existing skills, working with clients from all over the world.

"Etalon" practices remote service, offering services through communication on all modern instant messengers. You can contact us and get an online consultation at Jivosite. In addition, we receive customers in our cozy office in Kharkov, and also process applications received by e-mail.

Translation agency "Etalon" is a modern agency that brings together qualified professionals who agree to translate for you medical articles and other texts on this topic at the highest level.

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