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If you visit a serious corporate web-site, read its content and find some mistakes, what are your impressions of it? We bet, you think: “What an irresponsible company this is, even its web-site content contains mistakes!” Potential client has no interest in dealing with such company. And if there is a text translation, which is “off-base”? What would your partners and clients think of your business? For this reason, we are pleased to offer you such service as translation editing and proofreading. How does the editor work? The editor performs editing and proofreading of a translation, based upon the terminology in use and its correspondence to the certain industry, corporate activity etc. Knowledge of the subject and use of specific slang are a guarantee that this translation will be understood by specialists working in this area for many years. You must admit that it is impossible to write 100% correct text about specific features of fishing or translate it neither knowing such terms as gaff-hook, clonk, spoon hook, spinning reel etc., nor having any touch points with this activity and any experience. What involves text editing and proofreading in the Translation Agency “Etalon”? Editing is a finishing touch in the process of text rendering for the client for further use. Translator does his/her work on translation, and the editor, in his/her turn, being the specialist in the subject of the text, performs text editing. This final work stage ensures the text will 100% correspond to all criteria, contain exact wording and terminology, reconcile with the meaning, and be well-structured. The professionals of the translation agency “Etalon” will edit the style, spelling, punctuation, check word order in the sentences and their harmonious combination, provide unification of the units of measurement, terms, definitions used in the text, and check correctness of tables and footnotes. By contacting us, you will receive a quality text translation, which is skilfully edited and brought into conformity with quality standards! Besides, if you have doubts as to the quality of the document translation performed by other translators, we will gladly edit your translation and bring it to perfection!

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