Legal translation

One of the central activities of the Etalon Bureau is the legal translation of business documents from more than 50 languages ​​of the world. We are aware that the reputation of the business transaction and the entire company depends on the correctness of the translation of these securities. For this reason, to work with such tasks, we only allow qualified specialists with relevant experience. “Etalon” guarantees that in the finished translation there will be no typos, inconsistencies, the use of incorrect terminology or other troubles that often arise when contacting incompetent specialists.

Translation of legal documentation in Etalon

We offer to order legal translation of the following types of documents:

  • Documents giving the basis for the activity of jur. persons (constituent documents). This may be a memorandum of association, charter or decision of the board of directors.
  • Legal and legislative acts, which stipulate obligations and rules for conducting relevant activities, confirming its legal force.
  • Legal publications. (In addition, we work with materials and other narrow professional profiles. In "Etalon" you can order translation of medical articles , organized by specialists with appropriate education.)
  • Mutual commitment agreements. We carry out translations of contracts that are fully consistent with international law, verified and adjusted by international lawyers and ready for world-class transactions.
  • Judicial documentation (lawsuits, acts, petitions, etc.).
  • Notarial papers and registration documents, including, contracts, leases, agreements, etc.

Confidentiality of legal translation of documents

When contacting our organization, you do not need to worry about the safety of information and the protection of data from transmitting it to third parties. Each employee of the bureau is aware of the responsibility that he bears for violation of this obligation. We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and strictly abide by its rules. Translation of legal texts is official, competent and accurate.

Why choose "Standard"

Translating a document using an automatic legal translator or an unskilled specialist is an extremely dangerous practice. Legal services of the translation agency "Etalon" is the work of the highest level, carried out by specialists who are well-versed in this narrow-profile topic.

  1. Our staff employs qualified linguists with a legal education who, in practice, dealt with individual political, cultural and social characteristics in different countries.
  2. We always take into account the established legal norms of the state for which papers are prepared.
  3. Translators of "Etalon" rely on international law, which allows legal translation of documentation at the appropriate level.
  4. solutions to possible disputes may need to appeal to practicing lawyers both in Ukraine and in other states. Thanks to the established system of relations, we have a significant number of relations with linguists and highly qualified lawyers. This allows you to solve any difficult moments in a short time.
  5. "Etalon" always meets the deadlines and has a fixed price for its own services. You can be sure that the price for legal translation of documents will be unchanged for the entire period of cooperation with our bureau.

Turning to professionals, you can achieve full understanding with partners abroad, without worrying about the quality and accuracy of legal translation of texts.

Features of our work with clients

"Standard" provides translation , the cost of which is determined at the time of placing the order. If you are interested in another type of translation, then our staff will help in solving this issue.

Our company organizes activities so that customers from all over Ukraine can seek professional help at a convenient time. To contact our employees, you can choose any method of communication convenient for you:

  • Direct meeting at the office where we provide legal translation in Kharkov.
  • Communication with a personal manager through Jivosite.
  • You can ask a question through the messenger or send an e-mail.

The terms of work with the legal translation of contracts and other documents are set by the Etalon Bureau depending on the load of translators and the wishes of clients. The need to get the result in time pressure mode is also possible and is negotiated individually. If there are strict time limits for work, we will be happy to help you find the best option and solve the task as quickly as possible.

Translation of legal documentation into a foreign language

Most modern international transactions are in English. For this reason, you may need to translate legal texts into English. Despite the widespread use of this language, we are ready to translate into other languages: Ukrainian, Hebrew, Russian, German, Polish and others. We work with more than 20 languages ​​that have their own characteristics, specifics and guarantee the correct translation in each case. Our clients do not face the danger of getting low-quality text. Experienced linguists with many years of practice in the field of jurisprudence and law will carry out legal translation from French, English and other languages ​​in the shortest possible time.

"Etalon" is your competent partner in resolving issues of professional translations of narrow-profile documents into any language of the world.

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